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Tricolor Cowhide Rugs 7ft x 6.1ft

Tricolor Cowhide Rugs 7ft x 6.1ft

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You will receive the tricolor Brazilian cowhide rug shown.

Free and fast shipping all over Canada.

The size of this tricolor cowhide rug is 80 X 74 inches.

If you are planning to add a tri color cowhide rug in your living room or your office, whether it's rustic or chic, look no further. We are the best place to buy a cowhide rug. We are the direct source of Brazilian cowhide rugs in Canada, all these are hand-picked and individually selected for unique and exotic patterns. 

 All our Brazilian cowhide rugs are hand-picked for unique and exotic patterns. These cowhides are very soft and smooth, the back is finished to suede and shine in the sunlight. 

A lot of people ask us, these look so beautiful are these even real cowhide rug?

All our cowhides are hundred percent natural, real, authentic and ethically sourced. These are the most high-grade quality cowhides, each and every hide is inspected. We follow strong rules and regulations given by customs and all these cow rugs are ethically sourced, these hides are the bi-product of the meat industry. 

These cowhides are perfect to use it as floor rugs, wall hanging, upholstery projects, draped over your furniture, design your seat covers, blankets in camping, making handbags and
purses , very easy to cut for your DIY projects, covering your headboards or making drapes.

Any questions send me an email anytime:

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