Collection: Cowhide Cushion Covers

Decor Hut bringing you the best cowhide pillows.

We at Decor Hut keep customer’s comfort as a priority. Check out our new cowhide cushions in Canada with a super soft texture and velvety touch. 

You will receive the cowhide cushion covers shown. 

Free and fast shipping all over Canada.

Inserts not included.

Something about our new natural cowhide pillows.

Unique and natural shades. 

The cowhide cushions at Decor Hut are very chic. These are black white, brown white, dark brown, white, grey white, metallic silver, blue, red and golden. These shades will give your vintage room a stylish touch!

Lots of different and new styles of cowhide cushions. 

You already know Decor Hut’s chic style approach. The style range is quite wide with solid, spotted, speckled and patchwork patterns, all proudly designed in Canada. 

Cowhide pillow covers can bring vibrance to your home. Regardless of how rowdy kids or guests you have. You do not have to worry about it getting dirty or spilled by drinks.

Workmanship: These natural cowhide cushions are strong and made with all the love and excellent workmanship that you will endure for years to come. 

Pairing: These cowhide cushions when paired with the tricolor cowhide rugs add more dynamism to your space.

Custom orders:

Searching for a unique design and pattern? We also create custom cowhide cushions and whenever you need them, just send us a message and we will start working on it. 

Super Soft:
The cushions make you touch them again and again. The super soft and velvety touch is an addiction and instant comfort whenever and wherever you use it.

What makes these cowhide pillows the best?

●    Carefully Hand-cut & cleaned ourselves
●    Professionally tanned and natural cowhide.
●    Soft, warm, and cozy
●    Versatile, durable & soft natural hair.
●    Back Zipper
●    The back panel is a matching faux suede/velvet type fabric and there is a zipper on the bottom.
●    The front panel is one piece of selected vintage cowhide and has a unique natural color pattern.
Important details
1.    The back panel is in a velvety suede type of fabric that matches the front and a heavy duty zipper on the bottom makes for easy filling.

2.    The pillow cover design you see in the picture will be exactly the one you receive.

3.    Genuine and natural cowhide hair is used in the making.

4.    All pieces are selected for best combination into our new arrow design.

5.    If any spillage happens on it, just use a damp sponge or a cloth, pat it, blow dry it and it's new. There is no shedding or smell. 

Retouch your interior
Looking for the perfect cushion to team up with your cowhide rug? One of Decor Hut cowhide cushions will add the perfect finishing touch to your home decor. These cowhide cushions are not only beautiful but are practical too. These one-of-a-kind, cowhide cushions are made from genuine cow skin, they provide exceptional durability and longevity and can be used on a daily basis without losing their appeal. 

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