Collection: Metallic Cowhide Rug

A metallic cowhide rug is a beautiful and natural way to add style to your home, it gives a unique look that will complement any décor.

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Looking for a metallic cowhide rug that will add a unique touch to your home? This hand finished cowhide rug is perfect for anyone looking for an easy to clean, premium quality rug that will give their home a bling bling look. This rug is made of high quality materials and is very soft and smooth to walk on, making it perfect for any room in your home.

A metallic cowhide rug is a versatile piece that can add a touch of luxury to any space, whether it’s a high traffic area or a home office. It’s also a great conversation starter and can be used to stage a home for sale. There are many ways on how to incorporate a metallic cowhide rug into your home’s design.

When it comes to choosing a metallic cowhide rug, size matters. You want to make sure the rug is proportional to the space it will be in. If you have a large living room, consider using a cowhide as an accent piece in front of the fireplace or as a focal point in the room. For smaller spaces, like an entryway or home office, choose a smaller sized metallic cowhide rug.

There are many ways to incorporate a cowhide rug into your home's design. You can use it as a focal point in your living room or bedroom, or you can use it to add a touch of rustic charm to your décor. Cowhide rugs are also an excellent way to add texture and interest to your space. Here are some tips on how to incorporate a cowhide rug into your home's design.

If you want to use a cowhide rug as a focal point in your room, choose one with an interesting pattern or color. Hang it on the wall or drape it over a piece of furniture. You can also lay it on the floor in front of your fireplace or at the foot of your bed.

The metallic finish of the rug adds a touch of elegance to any room, and the natural colors will make any space feel more warm and inviting. The rug is also durable and easy to care for, making it a great choice for any home.