Collection: Grey Cowhide Rugs

If you wish to add a stylish and plush addition to your home, consider getting our grey cowhide rugs with free and fast delivery all over Canada.

These grey cowhides are selected for gorgeous shades, exotic patterns, and top quality.

All our grey cowhide rugs are free shipping and on average at your doorsteps within one to four days.

You receive the actual grey cowhide rug shown. 

All our grey cowhide rugs are real, natural, ethically sourced and come with perfect thickness and evenness, there is no need for any rug pad or antislip. 

A natural and properly tanned grey cowhide rug should easily last you for a very long period without any shedding or cracking. Sadly, many people do not know the difference between types of cowhide rugs origin or tanning process and as a result, go for the cheapest grey rug thinking all cowhides are the same quality. 

Grey cowhide rugs are a great pick for all kinds of spaces weather a busy interior like an eclectic foyer or calm and cozy home library. We have rugs hundreds of different natural shades and unique marking but contemporary grey cowhide rugs are just stunning. We at Decor Hut work direct with not one but several Brazilian tanneries and Before any rug is added in our selection, it is carefully checked on the basis thickness, smoothness, softness, and overall; that is how we are able to bring you the real and unique cowhide rug patterns. You and your pets will love this grey cowhide rug, it is soft and smooth plus very easy to clean. There is no need for any rug pad. 

If you cannot choose which grey cowhide rug fits well in your interior or looking for that little bit of extra inspiration, take a look at our Instagram page. You receive the actual cowhide rug shown in the picture and if for any reason it does not fits your space, send us a message in and we will start the return or exchange process right away. 

If you cannot choose which grey cowhide rug fits well in your interior or looking for that little bit of extra inspiration, take a look at our Instagram page. 

What do people say about our grey cowhide rugs?

Charlotte and Will, Winnipeg Mb "I currently have two, absolutely STUNNING real cowhide rugs on my living room floor, which work perfectly in its long, and narrow configuration. My FRIENDS were actually amused when years ago, I said "We bought a cowhide." Then they came over and were as delighted as we were. Hani and I have known one another, distantly, for quite some time. He is a truly lovely person, and he helped me find the EXACT grey cowhide rug I wanted, and bent himself over backward, to please. I cannot recommend him, or his rugs, more highly. His prices are more than fair. "

Lucie " Great cowhide rug! Love it ! Bought it for my RV motorhome living room. I have received lots of positive feedback from friends and also sent them Decor Hut"

Dani " Absolutely love my cowhide! It looks even better in person than in the photos. The website was very easy to use and once purchased this item was shipped and arrived quickly. Thanks, Decor Hut!! 

Yanin " Fast, friendly and very professional. My grey cowhide rug is gorgeous and such a stunning pattern, I definitely recommend buying from this company!"  

We are very flexible in return and exchange, for any reason if grey cowhide rug does not work in your space, send us an email in a reasonable time and we will start the process right away.

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