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Spotted Grey Tan Cowhide Rug 90 X 90 Inches

Spotted Grey Tan Cowhide Rug 90 X 90 Inches

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This spotted grey tan cowhide rug is one of the best rugs in the market for interior designers. Its soft, smooth and natural texture is perfect to enhance any room within a home.

You will receive the cowhide rug shown in the picture, hundred percent natural and real. 

All these cowhide area free shipping all over Canada And USA. 

The size of this large cow hide rug is approx 90 X 80 inches. 

This cowhide rug adds a touch of nature to the environment, creating an inviting atmosphere that will be sure to impress guests. Not only does it look great, but its incredibly durable material makes it easy to maintain; simply spot clean with a damp cloth or vacuum regularly for best results. The unique spotted grey tan pattern will add texture and visual interest to any room as well as being able to fit into numerous different decorating styles. This rug is also extremely easy to install – just roll it out on top of your existing flooring! With its luxurious feel and inviting charm, this spotted grey tan cowhide rug will be sure to please any interior designer looking for something special. 

Adding a stunning natural cowhide rug to your space is an excellent way to make a statement while adding texture and warmth. Not only is the rug soft and smooth, it also provides unique visual appeal with its natural pattern. When choosing the right rug for your space, consider how you can use it to tie in other elements of your decor.

When deciding where to place the genuine cow hide rug, take into account how much furniture will be placed around it and whether or not you want to use it as an accent piece or focal point. Consider incorporating colors that are found in the pattern of the cowhide carpet into other decor items such as pillows or artwork for a cohesive look. Lastly, don’t be afraid to mix modern pieces with traditional styles for a truly unique combination!

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