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Small Natural Brazilian Cowhide Rug 5.5ft x 3.9ft

Small Natural Brazilian Cowhide Rug 5.5ft x 3.9ft

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Transform your space with a small cowhide rug - the perfect touch for an edgy floor design. Elevate your room's style instantly. 

The size of this small cowhide rug is approx 66 X 47 inches.

You will receive the natural cowhide rug shown.

This exotic Brazilian cowhide rug is free shipping all over Canada.

Our natural ethical cowhide rug is truly unique and stunning, with a soft, smooth texture and an exotic, rare pattern. It is suitable for almost any room due to its perfect thickness. Each cow hide rug is hand-picked and individually selected to ensure the highest quality. Photos cannot capture the true beauty of these cowhides - you will instantly fall in love with them when you experience their quality in person. 

The authentic cowhide rugs, also known as tapis peau de vache, predominantly come from European cattle breeds that are raised and chromium-tanned in Brazil, resulting in each real cowhide possessing a distinct and exceptionally rare appearance. These cow hide rugs require minimal maintenance, as they can be lightly vacuumed occasionally or simply taken outside and shaken to keep them clean. In the event of a spill, such as wine, the rug can be wiped with a damp cloth and then blow-dried to effectively remove any liquid stains. 

These authentic, ethical cowhides are completely natural and genuine, boasting incredibly soft and smooth hair. The back is finished to suede, making them ideal for use as floor rugs, wall hangings, upholstery projects, draped over furniture, designing seat covers, creating blankets for camping, crafting handbags and purses. They are also very easy to cut for DIY projects such as covering headboards or making drapes, using as tapestry fabrics or creating leather panels. 

Despite my efforts to offer these small cowhide rugs at a highly reduced rate, they are far from average in terms of quality. The images do not do justice to the exceptional quality of the cowhides you will receive, and you will appreciate their distinctive appearance and luxurious natural softness. 

These cowhides are sourced from ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring their authenticity and natural quality. The hair is incredibly soft and smooth, providing a luxurious touch to any project. The back is finished with suede, making them versatile for various uses such as floor rugs, wall hangings, or upholstery projects.

They can also be draped over furniture, used for creating seat covers, or made into blankets for camping trips. Additionally, they are perfect for crafting handbags and purses due to their durable nature. Cutting them for DIY projects like headboard covering or drapes is easy, allowing for creative customization in home decor.

Their usability extends to utilizing them as tapestry fabrics or creating leather panels for a unique touch in interior design. These authentic cowhides offer endless possibilities for adding a natural and genuine touch to various projects. 

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