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Rustic Salt Pepper Cowhide Rug 6.8ft x 6.5ft

Rustic Salt Pepper Cowhide Rug 6.8ft x 6.5ft

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Bring a rustic touch to your home with this unique salt pepper cowhide rug. Crafted with premium-quality materials, it is designed to offer comfort, style and durability.

You will receive the cowhide rug shown.

At your doorsteps within one to four days.

The size of this cowhide rug is approx 82 X 78 Inches.

Our cowhide rugs are the perfect way to bring an air of luxury and comfort into any room. They are natural, each cowhide hand-picked and carefully inspected for quality. The Brazilian climate and tanning methods give them a unique softness that is unparalleled by other cowhides on the market. Plus, their all-natural shine enhances any environment with a glowing warmth when sunlight hits it. Our cowhide rugs aren’t just beautiful – they’re practical too!

Enhance your living space with our beautiful cow skin rugs. These unique rugs are made of high-quality natural cow hide, offering an unbeatable combination of strength and softness that you can enjoy for years to come. Not only are these cow skin rugs naturally stain resistant and wrinkle-free, but they are also hypoallergenic – making them perfect for households with kids or pets. 

Cowhide rugs are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, decorators, and designers for their versatility and beauty. These cow hide rugs are ideal for upholstery because they provide a natural and stylish look that complements any interior design style. Unlike other types of upholstery materials, cowhide rugs do not require an underpad to prevent slipping or sliding.

One of the best things about cowhide rugs is how easy it is to layer them with other types of rugs. You can add a cowhide rug on top of a traditional wool rug to create a layered effect that adds depth and interest to your floor space. Alternatively, you can use multiple cowhide rugs in different colors or patterns to create an eclectic look that is unique to your home.

Apart from using it as an upholstery material, there are also many creative ways you can utilize these beautiful cowhides. Discover the best cowhides in Canada! Our selection of high-quality hides are chosen for their durability and beautiful finishes. Shop now!


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