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Round Rattan Bali Wicker Bag

Round Rattan Bali Wicker Bag

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Discover the perfect travel companion - a round rattan wicket bag made by Balinese artisans. Stylishly practical for summer vacations, airports, and work commutes.

This real rattan bag from Bali is free shipping.

The size of rattan shoulder bag is approx 20cm diameter X 7cm height X strap Length 58cm X Total (116cm)

Please Note: All of our rattan beach bags are handmade and therefore some bags may have slight variations in design, size, color and hardware/ fastenings. This is a natural occurrence in handcrafted goods. Due to handcrafted nature, no two designs will be exactly alike. Batik lining will also be unique to each rattan bag.

Introducing the exquisite round rattan wicket bag, meticulously handwoven with love and expertise in the beautiful island of Bali. This versatile bag is an absolute must-have for your summer vacations, traversing airports, and even your daily work commute!

Each rattan bag is crafted using natural, eco-friendly rattan materials that give it a unique and earthy appeal. The skilled artisans in Bali carefully weave together every strand to create a sturdy yet lightweight design that can effortlessly accompany you on any adventure.

The elegant circular shape of this rattan bag not only adds a touch of bohemian charm but also provides ample space for all your essentials. Say goodbye to juggling multiple bags - this wicker beauty can accommodate everything from your beach towel and sunblock to your laptop and work documents.

Whether you're strolling along the sandy beaches or navigating through bustling airport terminals, the round rattan wicker bag offers both convenience and style. Its comfortable shoulder straps ensure a hassle-free carrying experience while complementing any outfit with its neutral tones.

Not only does this bag enhance your fashion game, but it also supports local Balinese communities. By opting for this sustainable accessory, you contribute to empowering talented artisans and promoting their traditional craftsmanship.

Indulge yourself in the rustic allure of Bali with our handwoven round rattan wicker bag - a true companion for those seeking functionality, elegance, and eco-consciousness. Upgrade your travel game or make a statement during your daily commute; this extraordinary piece will surely turn heads wherever you go! 

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