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New Cowhide Rug Brown And White 7ft x 6.2ft

New Cowhide Rug Brown And White 7ft x 6.2ft

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In a world where interior decor is becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, our new cowhide rug brown and white stands out from the crowd. 

You will receive the cowhide rug shown in the picture.

The size of this beautiful rug is approx 85 by 75 inches.

At your doorsteps within one to four business days.

All of our cow hides are real, authentic and natural, we make sure each cow skin rug is hand-picked and carefully inspected. Made from the finest materials and crafted with utmost precision, this cowhide carpet is the perfect way to add an exotic touch to any home. With its mix of brown and white tones, highlighted by hints of blackish-grey, this cow rug brings a subtle yet striking look that would make an ideal addition to any entryway decor or home staging project.

The unique design of this cow hide rug works equally well in traditional and contemporary settings. Its natural textures lend it a timeless charm that complements almost all types of furniture pieces while adding visual interest to the space. The rich colors of this cow hide rug also create a visually pleasing contrast which can help elevate any hallway's style. No matter what kind of room you have in mind, this cow rug will bring beauty and character right into your home plus these cow skin rugs are free shipping Canada wide.

A lot of clients also use these cow hides for upholstery of their custom furniture, the softness and smoothness of these make them amazing to sit on them.

If you are looking for any specific shade in cowhide rug, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Thank you very much

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