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Natural Grey Cowhide Rug 6.9ft x 6ft

Natural Grey Cowhide Rug 6.9ft x 6ft

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This natural small grey cowhide rug is an eye-catching and unique addition to any room décor! Add a unique touch to your home with this beautiful and versatile rug.

All our cowhide rugs are free shipping all over Canada and the USA. 

You will receive the cowhide rug shown in the picture. 

The size of this cowhide rug is approx 83 X 72 Inches.

On average at your doorsteps within one to four days.

Natural small grey cowhide rug is a timeless classic that has been used to decorate homes for centuries. The unique patterns and textures of genuine cowhide rugs make them an excellent choice for any room decor. Whether you are looking to add a touch of rustic charm or modern sophistication, the natural small grey cowhide rug is sure to impress.

Made from high-quality materials, the natural cowhide rug boasts durability and longevity. Its soft and supple texture feels luxurious underfoot, making it ideal for use in busy areas of your home such as the living room or bedroom. The natural grey color of the rug adds warmth and depth to any space while effortlessly complementing existing decor styles. So if you are looking for a pretty and unique addition to your home that will stand out in all the right ways, look no further than this exquisite authentic cowhide rug!

This natural small grey cowhide rug is a perfect addition to any home decor. It is hand finished and made from hundred percent natural and real cowhide. The chromium tanning process ensures that the cow rug remains durable for years to come, making it an investment worth making.

This elegant piece of décor will look stunning on hardwood floors, adding a touch of sophistication to any room in your home. The subtle grey color makes it a versatile choice that can complement various design styles. With its unique texture and pattern, this cowhide rug will add warmth and coziness to your space while also being easy to maintain.

The best cowhide rugs in Canada, it is not only stylish but also ethically sourced with no harm done to animals during production. You can feel good about adding this stunning piece of decor knowing that you are supporting ethical manufacturing practices. 


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