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Longhorn Cowhide Rug Large And Exotic 94 X 85 Inches

Longhorn Cowhide Rug Large And Exotic 94 X 85 Inches

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Bring a touch of the wild west to your home with this large and exotic longhorn cowhide rug. Soft and unique, it's the perfect addition to any room!

The size of this large longhorn cowhide rug is approx 94 x 74 inches. 

All our cowhide rugs are free shipping all over Canada.

At your doorsteps within one to four business days.

Longhorn cowhide rugs are the perfect addition to any home decor. These cow rugs are made from natural, real, and genuine cowhides that come in a variety of sizes and colors. They are exotic and unique, making them stand out among other types of cow rugs.

The Longhorn cowhide rug is highly prized for its durability and strength, as well as its beautiful appearance. The natural markings on the cowhide give it character and charm, making it a great conversation piece in any room. With proper care and maintenance, these long cow hide rugs can last for many years.

If you are looking for an authentic piece of western decor that will add warmth and style to your home or office, then look no further than Longhorn cowhide rugs. They offer a rustic yet sophisticated touch that is sure to impress visitors and guests alike.

We ensure that every longhorn cowhide rug is entirely natural by hand-picking and thoroughly examining each cow hide. These cowhides undergo chromium tanning and originate from Brazil, where the climate and tanning process result in a soft and smooth texture. Additionally, the cowhides possess a stunning natural shine that gleams when exposed to sunlight. 

Tricolor cow skin rugs are becoming increasingly popular as a stylish and practical addition to any home. These cow rugs are made from genuine cowhide, which means that they are not only beautiful but also incredibly durable and long-lasting. One of the most notable features of these tricolor cow skin rugs is their natural stain resistance, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas or homes with kids or pets.

Additionally, these cow hide rugs are completely wrinkle-free, meaning that they always look smooth and polished without requiring any additional maintenance. You won't have to worry about unsightly creases or wrinkles ruining the appearance of your rug over time. Moreover, tricolor cow skin rugs have no strange odors or smells commonly found in other synthetic materials. Since it's a natural product there can be mild smell initially but it goes away soon enough leaving behind its original aroma, which is quite pleasant for most homeowners. 

Transform your home with a beautiful cowhide rug. Shop our selection of the highest-quality, ethically-sourced rugs in Canada and enjoy free shipping on all orders. 

This is an ideal choice if you want a big, genuine cowhide rug that has a natural look. It's velvety and supple, which makes it suitable for any room. Also, it's an excellent way to introduce texture and appeal into your home decor. A sizable cowhide rug can provide your living space with a rustic feel that is perfect for both home decoration and staging, making it an essential item for any interior designer. This organic material is robust and simple to maintain, making it an excellent option for areas with high foot traffic.

If you are looking for any specific shade in cowhide rug, please feel free to contact me anytime.


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