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Large Taupe Sheepskin Rug Double Pelt

Large Taupe Sheepskin Rug Double Pelt

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Experience luxury and warmth with our large double pelt taupe sheepskin rug. Indulge in its unique style, softness, and smooth texture.

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The size is approx 6ft x 2ft.

It will be similar tone but expect variation in the color.

Each sheepskin rug is hundred percent natural and authentic. 

Imported from New Zealand.

Made from two taupe sheepskin pelts joined by the end.

This genuine sheepskin rug is made from 100% natural materials, offering a high density and fluffy texture that is safe for your family. It features a suede backing that provides non-slip properties, and the incredible feeling underfoot will make you fall in love with this rug with just one step.

The natural sheepskin rug we offer comes in a natural color, while all other colors are achieved through dyeing. Each Sheepskin boasts a remarkably soft coat and an exceptionally thick fleece. Moreover, every sheep fur rug undergoes top-quality tanning and is complemented with a sturdy suede backing. 

The fur side of this sheepskin rug measures around 2ft x 6ft. It is crafted from top-notch sheepskin and features a luxurious 2 Inch pile height. Due to its handmade nature, the size of each rug may vary by up to 1-3 inches in either direction. Every sheepskin boasts an incredibly soft coat and a thick fleece. Additionally, each rug is meticulously tanned with a sturdy suede backing to ensure the highest quality. 

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