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Large Brazilian Cowhide Area Rug 7.5ft x 7ft

Large Brazilian Cowhide Area Rug 7.5ft x 7ft

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Experience luxury with a Brazilian cowhide rug - soft, smooth, perfect for any home style, from natural to modern. Walk in comfort and style.

All cow hide rugs are free shipping all over USA and Canada.

The size of this grey white cowhide rug is 90 X 84 inch.

You will receive the cowhide rug shown. 

At, we guarantee the authenticity of our selection of grey and white cowhide rugs, all of which are natural and genuine. Each cow rug is meticulously hand-picked and thoroughly examined to ensure its quality. These cowhide rugs undergo chromium tanning, resulting in a soft and smooth texture due to the Brazilian climate and tanning process. When exposed to sunlight, these hides exhibit a stunning natural shine. 

The cowhide rug, with its blend of soft grey and pristine white tones, represents a flawless combination of modern charm and natural grace. Made from authentic cowhide, this rug showcases a captivating composition that highlights the intricate beauty of nature's patterns and textures. Its unique design is a testament to the seamless fusion of elegance and allure. 

The cow skin rug's distinct look comes from the natural differences found in cowhide, guaranteeing that each piece is truly unique. The combination of colors forms a visually stunning pattern that effortlessly adds beauty to any room it's placed in. Whether in a comfortable living room, a stylish office, or a simple bedroom, the cow rug radiates an elegant charm that complements different interior designs. 

The cowhide rug lavish texture provides a visual and tactile delight. Its smooth, velvety surface beckons you to touch and adds a sensory dimension to any space. With its durable craftsmanship, the cow hide rug remains plush and resilient, making it perfect for high-traffic areas. 

Apart from its visual charm, the grey white cowhide rug provides flexibility and practicality. Its neutral color scheme effortlessly blends with various color combinations, acting as a flexible backdrop for both lively and understated decor elements. Whether positioned beneath a coffee table, utilized as a focal point, or casually thrown over furniture, it enhances the atmosphere of any space. 

In addition, the inherent qualities of cowhide rug make it naturally resistant to stains and simple to upkeep. Basic maintenance includes easy methods like shaking off dust or gently vacuuming to maintain its beauty. With the right care, this rug will keep its charm and shine, making it a timeless enhancement to your home decor. 

The cowhide rug in grey and white goes beyond just being practical; it represents an artistic statement that honors the elegance of nature's handiwork. Its natural allure brings a cozy feel to contemporary, simple spaces and brings a hint of refinement to classic interiors. Whether it's the main feature or a subtle touch, this rug radiates an air of refined opulence, tempting you to revel in its tactile charm and enduring attractiveness. 

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