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Grey White Cow Skin Backpack

Grey White Cow Skin Backpack

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Step into elegance with a meticulously crafted grey-white cow skin backpack—a stylish blend of craftsmanship and sophistication.

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Dimensions: Approx. 14"H x 12"L x 7.5"W (inches) - tailored size for our cowhide backpack purse.

Unique Customization: Each cowhide mommy backpack purse is custom-made, ensuring a one-of-a-kind piece inspired by the showcased design.

Material Composition: Features three-side hair-on cowhide and genuine plain leather on the back for an authentic aesthetic.

Internal Organization: Internally lined to match the exterior cowhide, equipped with a dedicated zip compartment for seamless organization.

Convenient Pockets: Includes two zip-closure side pockets and an exterior front zipped pocket for added convenience.

Production Time: Expect an approximate seven business day turnaround for each cowhide backpack.

Similar to Picture: Your received cowhide backpack will closely resemble the showcased picture.

Carefully designed to suit your unique taste, the cow skin backpack purse is a symbol of individuality and sophistication. This one-of-a-kind piece seamlessly blends functionality with grace, featuring precise dimensions of around 14 inches in height, 12 inches in length, and 7.5 inches in width, all crafted to complement your personal style. 

Revealing the core of individuality, every cow skin purse is a one-of-a-kind creation, custom-made to ensure that each backpack is unique. The detailed patterns and textures of the cowhide embody the essence of the featured design, resulting in a unique and exclusive accessory that reflects your personality in a truly exceptional way. 

This extraordinary cow skin purse combines the charm of three-sided cowhide with genuine smooth leather on the back, creating an authentic and captivating look that transcends time. The interior is lined to match the exterior cowhide and features a dedicated zip compartment for effortless organization without sacrificing style. 

Experience the perfect fusion of practicality and convenience with strategically positioned pockets that embody both functionality and ease. This cowhide backpack boasts two zip-closure side pockets and an exterior front zipped pocket, seamlessly blending style with functionality to ensure your essentials are easily accessible at all times. 

Since each custom cowhide backpack purse is made to order, please anticipate a production time of around seven business days. This dedicated duration is essential for the careful creation of your individualized accessory, guaranteeing that it perfectly embodies your unique taste and style. 

Expect to receive a custom cowhide backpack that closely resembles the featured picture. Each piece is unique, but rest assured that the essence, charm, and visual appeal in the image will be reflected in your personalized creation. It's more than just a bag; it's a statement that reflects your individuality and sophistication. 

Immerse yourself in the superb artistry and embrace the distinctive charm of a cowhide mother backpack purse, a creation that defies passing fads and reflects your individual style in a market flooded with standardized accessories. Customized to mirror your character, this bag ensures a fusion of elegance, utility, and distinctiveness - embodying both luxury and usefulness, tailored specifically for you. 

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