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Extra Small Brown White Cowhide Rug 4.5ft x 4.6ft

Extra Small Brown White Cowhide Rug 4.5ft x 4.6ft

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A new brown white cowhide rug in unique extra small size will add charm and beauty to your interior and loved by designers Canada wide.  

You will receive the natural cowhide rug shown in the picture.

The size of this small cowhide rug is 60 X 56 inches.

Free shipping on all our cowhide rugs.

All our small cowhide rugs are natural, real and premium Brazilian.

You are choosing a small Brazilian cowhide rug out of hundreds, based on its unique style, natural markings, elegance and outdoor shine. Natural cowhide provides its own charm to an interior, these are soft, pleasant and ideal for high traffic. We personally inspect cowhides and ensure their quality of inner softness and smoothness.

These extra small cowhide rugs are very smooth to walk on, soft to the touch, back finished with suede, and make excellent for high traffic areas, wall hangings, upholstery projects, and drapes.

Although I keep these small brown cowhide rugs at a discounted price, they are still anything but low-quality. Photos do not compare to the superior quality of cowhides you'll get, and you will love the one-of-a-kind look and pure natural softness. you'll be blown away by the all-natural quality and extraordinary beauty of this cowhide.

Aside from its attractive looks, Brazilian cowhide rugs last you for a long time. If you're looking for pattern and can't find it in our selection, let me know and I will locate you one directly from the tannery. This cowhide rug will transform your current space.

Any questions please feel free to send me an email at

Proudly Canadian.

Thank you very much. 

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