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Double Pelt Large Grey Sheepskin Rug

Double Pelt Large Grey Sheepskin Rug

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Add a touch of luxury to your home with our double pelt large grey sheepskin rug. Soft, cozy, and stylish - the perfect addition to any room.

Free shipping all over Canada.

The size is approx 6ft x 2ft.

Expect slight variation in the color.

Each sheepskin rug is hundred percent natural and authentic. 

Imported from New Zealand.

Made from two grey sheepskin pelts joined by the end.

Our sheepskin rugs are individually distinct and obtained in an ethical manner. They are entirely natural, devoid of any harsh chemicals or dyes during the manufacturing process. The treatment procedure guarantees odor-free and strongly resistant sheepskins that do not shed. 

Although our product is natural, it may not appear exactly as pictured. Each sheepskin varies in shades, colors, patterns, sizes, and overall appearance. However, we assure you that the leather used is genuine and of high quality. 

The sheepskin is made of 100% real and natural full sheepskin with a pile height of 8cm (3.15). It has top grade ultra dense fleece that is thick, soft, and luxurious in appearance. Additionally, it is skin-friendly and does not have any unpleasant odor. Its great texture and luxurious appearance provide a comfortable experience. 

Made from complete sheepskins, this large sheepskin rug is durable, ensuring that the color will never run and the wool will never fall off. 

Proudly Canadian. 

Any questions please feel free to email us anytime at

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