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Dark Brown Tricolor Cowhide Tote Bag

Dark Brown Tricolor Cowhide Tote Bag

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Upgrade your look with our luxurious dark brown tricolor cowhide tote bag, handcrafted for timeless elegance. Great for daily use, market shopping, or carrying your iPad.

- Free shipping worldwide on all our cowhide bags. 

- Leather Handles

- Cotton/ Satin lining with inside pocket and one zipper pocket

- Structured handbag that is made with exquisite craftsmanship!

- Measurements: 14.5"h x 12.5"w

- You will receive a cowhide purse similar to the picture. 

- It takes approx seven business day to complete each cowhide bag. 

This exquisite cowhide tote bag is meticulously crafted from genuine cowhide, showcasing a striking combination of brown, white, and subtle black accents. Each individual cowhide tote purse is skillfully handcrafted to order, ensuring unparalleled attention to detail and quality. The design not only exudes elegance and sophistication but also offers versatility for various purposes.

The sumptuous texture of the cowhide lends a luxurious feel to the tote, while its durable nature ensures long-lasting practicality. With ample space and sturdy construction, this custom made cowhide bag effortlessly accommodates everyday essentials with ease. Its timeless appeal makes it an ideal accessory for both casual outings and formal occasions alike.

Whether used as a stylish carry-all for daily errands or as a fashion-forward statement piece, this handcrafted cowhide tote bag combines functionality with artisanal craftsmanship. Embracing the uniqueness of natural materials, each piece may exhibit slight variations in pattern and color, further enhancing its exclusive charm. With its exceptional beauty and personalized touch, this bespoke tote is a testament to refined elegance and individual style. 

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