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Cowhide Rug Extra Large Dark Tricolor 7.1ft x 6ft

Cowhide Rug Extra Large Dark Tricolor 7.1ft x 6ft

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Bring a wild touch to your home decor with our new handpicked extra-large cowhide rug in dark tricolor. Treat yourself to quality, luxury and style.

The size of this tricolor cowhide rug is approx 86 by 72 inches.

You will receive the cowhide rug shown. 

On average at your doorsteps within one to four days. 

Are you looking for an eye-catching piece to add to your home decor? Look no further than our new handpicked extra-large cowhide rug in dark tricolor. This stunning rug will bring a wild touch to any room, with its unique and striking pattern of rich shades of brown, black and white. Each cow hide rug is carefully selected for its quality, ensuring you receive only the best.

Not only does this cowhide rug add visual interest to your space, it also offers luxury and style. Made from premium materials, this cow rug is durable and easy to maintain. Simply vacuum or spot clean as needed to keep it looking as good as new. And with its large size, it can serve as a focal point in any room or provide soft cushioning underfoot.

Treat yourself and your home to the beauty of our handpicked extra-large cowhide rug in dark tricolor today. If you're looking for a unique and stylish way to decorate your home, consider adding a natural cowhide rug. We have authentic and genuine cowhide rugs in Canada and these are not only durable and easy to maintain, but they also add an element of rustic elegance to any room. Unlike synthetic rugs, natural cowhide has a soft, supple texture that is both comfortable and luxurious.

One of the biggest advantages of using authentic and discounted cowhide in your home decor is its versatility. Our discounted cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect match for your personal style. Whether you prefer bold prints or subtle textures, there's a cowhide rug out there for you.

Another benefit of choosing real cowhide over synthetic materials is its eco-friendliness. Unlike carpets made from synthetic fibers, which release harmful chemicals into the environment during production and disposal, natural cowhides are biodegradable and sustainable. 

An extra large cowhide rug can bring a touch of rustic elegance to any room. Whether you're looking to add some warmth and texture to your living space, or simply want to make a statement with a bold centerpiece, an oversized cowhide rug is the perfect choice.

When paired with a nice sofa, an extra large cowhide rug can truly become the spotlight of the room. The natural beauty and unique patterns of the hide will draw attention and pique interest from all who enter. Without one, however, a room can look unfurnished and lack that comfortable touch that makes it inviting and cozy.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, extra large cowhide rugs are also incredibly durable and easy to care for. Unlike other types of rugs which may need frequent cleaning or replacement over time, these rugs are built to last for years without losing their color or texture.

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