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Coffee Brown Cowhide Rug 75 X 68 Inches

Coffee Brown Cowhide Rug 75 X 68 Inches

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Discover a rare coffee brown cowhide rug with white and speckles. Elevate your decor with this handpicked, one-of-a-kind statement piece. 

You will receive the brown white cowhide rug shown in the picture.

Size of this cowhide rug is approx Length 75 Inches X Width 68 Inches.

This cow hide rug is free shipping all over Canada

Premium Brazilian, real, natural, genuine and authentic. 

We carefully choose each cowhide for its unique and exotic patterns, ensuring that our brown and white rug is adorned with beautiful speckles. The cowhides are soft, smooth, and consistently thick, creating a stunning display of natural markings. 

Maintaining our Brazilian cowhide rugs is a breeze. They can be easily cleaned by vacuuming, shaking them outdoors, or using a rug cleaner and damp cloth for pet accidents. These cowhides are non-slip on laminate floors, eliminating the need for anti-slip pads, making them ideal for pet owners. Additionally, they are perfect for upholstery projects, bags, and draperies. 

This unique, one-of-a-kind brown cowhide rug is the perfect addition for anyone looking to elevate their home styling, interior designing, or home staging. The rich and warm tones of the cowhide add a touch of natural elegance to any room. Cow hide rug versatile nature allows it to be used as a stylish floor covering or an eye-catching wall hanging.

Measuring approximately 6 x 5 feet, this stunning genuine cowhide rug is created from carefully selected premium hides to ensure the highest quality and durability. Each cow skin rug is handcrafted with attention to detail, resulting in a truly individual piece that will complement any decor style.

Whether used in a rustic farmhouse setting, a modern minimalist space, or even a cozy urban apartment, this brown cowhide rug adds character and charm. The soft texture and unique markings make it a standout feature that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of any room.

For those seeking an element of natural beauty and timeless appeal in their interior design, this distinct brown cowhide rug is an exceptional choice. To hang a cowhide rug on the wall, start by selecting the right spot for it. Choose a wall that is large enough to accommodate the size of the real cowhide rug and where it will serve as a focal point in the room. Next, use a stud finder to locate the studs in the wall to ensure that you have proper support for hanging the rug.

Once you have found the studs, use a drill and screws to attach a sturdy hanging mechanism such as D-ring hangers or picture wire to the back of the cow skin rug. Make sure to distribute the weight evenly across multiple attachment points to prevent sagging or damage to the rug over time.

After attaching the hanging mechanism, carefully lift and position the cowhide rug against the chosen wall. Use a level to ensure that it hangs straight and adjust as needed. Finally, step back and admire your unique wall decor piece that adds texture and warmth to your space.

Remember that cow hide rugs are natural materials, so avoid placing them in areas with direct sunlight or high humidity to preserve their quality over time. With these simple steps, you can easily transform your space with a stylish and eye-catching cowhide rug display on your wall. 

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