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Brown Mahogany Cowhide Rug 6.8ft x 5.6ft

Brown Mahogany Cowhide Rug 6.8ft x 5.6ft

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A brown mahogany cowhide rug is an excellent way to add a touch of luxury to your home. It's also a great way to protect your floors from dirt and damage.
You will receive the brindle cowhide rug shown in the picture.

The size of this cow hide rug is 74 X 74 Inches

This cowhide is free shipping all over Canada.

This medium-sized cowhide is a beautiful dark brown and mahogany, each is hand-picked from unique and exotic patterns. We guarantee you will not find this kind of soft and rare rug anywhere.

These natural brindle cowhides are a hundred percent natural, real, and ethically sourced, there is no need for any rug pad or anti-slip. You can also use these cowhides for upholstery, headboards or draped over furniture. 

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect cowhide rug for your home:

1. Consider the size of your room. You'll want to choose a cow rug that's large enough to cover the entire floor space, but not so large that it looks overpowering.

2. Think about the colors in your room. A brown mahogany cowhide rug will complement most color schemes. But if you have very light-colored walls or furniture, you might want to choose a lighter-colored rug.

3. Decide how much traffic your room gets.

Our exotic brindle cowhide rugs in Canada are a popular choice for home décor because of their natural beauty. These cow rugs add a touch of luxury to any room and are perfect for creating a cozy, inviting space. These are premium Brazilian, selected for unique patterns. 

Any questions about brindle cowhide rug please feel free to send me an email at

Proudly Canadian.

Thank you very much.

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