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Brazilian Beige Brown Cowhide Rug 7ft x 6.2ft

Brazilian Beige Brown Cowhide Rug 7ft x 6.2ft

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Experience the rustic charm of a Brazilian beige brown cowhide rug. Bring nature indoors and create a cozy atmosphere with this exquisite piece.

You will receive the cowhide rug shown. 

All our natural cowhide rugs are free shipping all over USA and Canada.

The size of this beige brown cowhide rug is approx 84 by 75 inches.

All of these cowhide rugs are natural, real and authentic. We at make sure each is hand-picked and carefully inspected. 

All of our cowhide rugs undergo a unique chromium tanning process, resulting in exceptionally soft and smooth hides. The lush Brazilian climate, combined with skillful tanning techniques, enhances the natural beauty of these cow rugs, giving them a stunning and eye-catching shine that comes to life when sunlight gently touches them.

Not only are these cow skin rugs visually appealing, but they also offer practical benefits. Their natural stain resistance ensures easy maintenance and hassle-free cleaning. Say goodbye to worrying about spills or dirt stains ruining your cowhide rug! Additionally, these cowhides are wrinkle-free, so you won't have to constantly fuss over straightening out creases.

One standout advantage of our cow hide rugs is their lack of any strange odors or hair shedding concerns. Our products go through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that they not only look amazing but also have no unpleasant smells or messy shedding issues that could trouble you.

If you're a pet owner or have young children at home, you'll appreciate the hypoallergenic properties of our cowhides. These cow hyde rugs are free from common allergens that may trigger reactions, making them perfectly safe for your little ones or furry friends to lounge on.

Upgrade your living space with one of our premium-quality cowhide rugs today. Experience the luxury and practicality they provide as they effortlessly blend into any decor style while adding a touch of elegance to your home. 

One of the primary uses of cow skin rugs by my clients is as a practical and stylish rug. These unique accents effortlessly bring warmth, texture, and character to any room. With their natural beauty, they serve as eye-catching focal points, adding depth and luxury to both contemporary and traditional spaces. The versatility of these rugs allows them to easily complement various interior aesthetics.

Additionally, many clients choose to use Canada cowhide rugs for upholstery purposes. By adorning their custom furniture with these soft and smooth hides, they enhance the comfort and coziness of their seating areas. The supple nature of cow skin makes it incredibly inviting to sit on, creating an enhanced lounging experience.

Beyond functionality, my clients also appreciate the aesthetic value that cow skin rugs offer. The distinct patterns on each hide add a touch of uniqueness to any space. Whether opting for natural colors or embracing dyed variations, these rugs provide an element of visual interest that helps tie together different design elements within a room.

Moreover, using cow hides Canada for upholstery enables clients to infuse elegance into their furniture pieces. The inherent sophistication exuded by these materials elevates the overall appearance of chairs, sofas, ottomans, and even headboards. Such luxurious additions truly make a statement in any interior setting.

It's worth noting that the durability of cow skin rugs makes them incredibly long-lasting. When used as a rug or upholstered fabric, they are resistant to wear and tear while maintaining their original quality over time. This aspect ensures longevity for my clients' investments since these versatile pieces withstand daily use without compromising style or functionality.

Furthermore, in warmer climates or during summer months, some individuals creatively repurpose cow hides as wall hangings or decorative throws draped over furniture items. This adaptation not only adds flair but also provides an opportunity to showcase the unique features of each individual hide on display.

In conclusion, beyond serving as beautiful floor coverings or unique upholstery choices for custom furniture, cow skin rugs have become a staple in my clients' interior design strategies. The best cowhide rugs in Canada.

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