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Borneo Rattan Backpack

Borneo Rattan Backpack

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Discover the perfect combination of style and sustainability with this handmade rattan backpack in Borneo. Crafted with eco-friendly materials, it's ideal for your next adventure!

This rattan bag is free shipping.

The size of this bag is approx (17 cm diameter x 35 cm long).

This exquisite Borneo-crafted rattan backpack is a unique way to express your individual style and sustainability. Handwoven in Indonesia with natural rattan straw, this backpack offers an attractive look whilst being highly durable and lightweight. The traditional craft of Anjat weaving has been used by the Dayak Tribe since ancient times, making it truly special and meaningful. Black satin ribbon for closing it. It's lightweight, has adjustable straps and is flexible and durable.

This traditional Borneo backpack is a used to be a way to carry fruits from the Borneo forests. The unique tribal pattern adds an eye-catching element of style to any outfit, while also highlighting the amazing images found in the lush rainforest. Not only is it perfect for carrying goods from outdoor adventures or trips to the farmer's markets, but it can even be used as a beach bag perfect for days spent by the shore.

All our rattan bags are handcrafted by artisans, natural, traditional, eco friendly, vegan.


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