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Black White Cowhide Tote Bag

Black White Cowhide Tote Bag

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Carry your gym clothes and university books in style with our new black white cowhide bag! This large comfy hair on cowhide bag is fully functional and perfect for any occasion.

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Dimensions: 38L x 10W X 28H
Two Shoulder Strap.
Main zipper closure, zip ending outside of bag.
Interior: zipper pocket.

The cowhide tote collection from our store has just become even more amazing! We now have a large, comfy hair on cowhide bag perfect for anyone who needs to carry around their gym clothes or university books. This cowhide bag is fully functional and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for added convenience. It can also be easily fastened to the back of any bike, making it an ideal choice for cyclists. 

The exterior of the bag is made from thick, high-quality cowhide that is strong enough to stand up to everyday wear and tear. Inside, you will find plenty of pockets so that your belongings stay organized while on-the-go. Whether you're headed to the gym or class this new messenger bag will look great and keep your stuff safe wherever you go. Plus, it's classic design means it looks great with any outfit!

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