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Black Leather Handmade Leather Duffle Bag

Black Leather Handmade Leather Duffle Bag

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This black leather handmade duffle bag offers durability and elegance, perfect for travel or daily use. Spacious, sturdy, and timeless, it's an ideal accessory for any occasion.

- Free shipping on all our cowhide leather duffle bags

- Dimensions: 18 X 9 X 10 inches (Width X Height X Depth)

- The genuine leather bag is cabin size.

- Made with 100% genuine cowhide leather and features a twill/cotton lining

- Crafted from premium quality genuine black leather

- Spacious design with two zipper pockets on each side

- Medium-sized pockets on the inside

- Adjustable shoulder strap with a shoulder pad for comfort

- Polished steel metal accessories that are 100% rustproof

- Equipped with metal studs on the base

- Takes approximately seven business days to complete each leather duffle bag

- The leather bag you receive will be similar to the picture, not exactly the same.

The leather duffle bag is an exquisite example of craftsmanship, blending durability and utility seamlessly to cater to a variety of activities such as traveling, sports, gym use, and weekend trips. Made from genuine leather, this bag is designed to be a reliable companion for both men and women, offering both style and practicality.

The duffle bag is crafted from high-quality genuine leather, ensuring not only a luxurious appearance but also long-lasting durability. The leather's natural grain adds a touch of sophistication, making the bag suitable for various settings, from casual to more formal occasions.

One of the standout features of this leather bag is its spacious interior. The main compartment is large enough to hold clothes, shoes, and other essentials for a weekend trip or gym session. Additionally, the bag includes small pockets for accessories, perfect for organizing smaller items like toiletries, keys, and phones.

The bag is equipped with sturdy metal zippers, ensuring smooth and secure closure. The zippers are designed to withstand frequent use, adding to the bag's overall durability. This feature is particularly useful for travelers who need to access their belongings quickly and easily.

For added convenience, the bag includes an attached leather nametag. This feature allows you to personalize your bag, making it easily identifiable, which is especially handy when traveling.

To protect the bottom of the bag from wear and tear, it is fitted with five feet nailheads. These metal feet elevate the bag slightly off the ground, preventing direct contact with surfaces and keeping the leather in pristine condition.

The use of brass accessories, such as buckles and rings, adds a touch of elegance to the bag. These components are not only decorative but also functional, contributing to the bag's robust construction.

The leather duffle bag offers versatile carrying options to suit different needs. It comes with sturdy leather handles for hand carrying, as well as a detachable shoulder strap for over-the-shoulder or cross-body wear. The padded shoulder strap ensures comfort, even when the bag is fully loaded.

This duffle bag is perfect for traveling, whether you're heading on a business trip, a vacation, or a weekend getaway. Its spacious interior can accommodate several days' worth of clothing and accessories, while the durable leather construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of travel.

For those who frequent the gym, this bag offers ample space for workout gear, shoes, and other essentials. The sturdy zippers and metal feet ensure that the bag remains in top condition, even with regular use.

The leather weekender bag is an excellent choice for short trips. Its stylish design makes it suitable for a variety of settings, from a casual weekend away to a more formal event. The spacious interior and multiple pockets make packing and organizing a breeze.

Athletes and sports enthusiasts will appreciate the bag's durability and practicality. It can easily hold sports equipment, clothing, and accessories, making it a reliable choice for practices, games, and tournaments.

The leather duffle bag is a versatile and stylish accessory that meets the needs of modern traveler, athletes, and gym-goers. Its high-quality construction, spacious interior, and thoughtful design features make it a must-have for anyone looking for a reliable and fashionable bag. Whether you're hitting the gym, going on a weekend trip, or embarking on a longer journey, this leather bag will serve you well, combining functionality with timeless elegance.

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