Hypoallergenic Cowhides

When searching for a cowhide rug, the client generally asks for the best way to select a cowhide. All our cowhides are premium Brazilian, when layered in the house, people generally love them. These natural cowhide rugs can take some serious traffic, use these hides in your living room or any workspace. I have a lot of barbers as clients and they love these cow rugs in their shops. Almost impossible to stain cowhide rugs as these are naturally resistant and wrinkle-free. Though some hides have slight folds which are natural grumps. 

We have over a hundred shades of cowhide rugs for sale, all these are hand-picked for their patterns. You receive the exact cowhide rug as shown in the picture. 

Visit the link to view all the cowhides in stock. 

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