Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

One of it's kind beautiful, exotic and handpicked Brazilian cowhide rugs.

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All these Brazilian cowhide rugs are real, natural, genuine, authentic and there is no need to put anything underneath.

Hello, I am Hani, Owner of Thank you very much for viewing my website. If you are searching for a Brazilian cowhide rug, you have reached the right place. I only carry exotic cowhide rugs, all these are premium Brazilian, selected for the unique and exotic pattern. All these cowhide rugs are real, natural, authentic, ethically sourced. These genuine cowhides are bi-products of the meat industry.

We personally select each of cowhide from bales of hundred, every few weeks. If you are searching for a specific pattern or shade of cow hide rug and can't find, please send me an email, text or call and I will find one amazing cowhide for you.

Check out out these beautiful grey cowhide rugs, from very soft light grey to brindle.

Wondering how to select a Brazilian cowhide rug?

When dealing with a cow hide rug, tanning is the most important part of the process. A cowhide that is tanned incorrectly or poorly will feel stiff, wrinkled, irritated and may eventually shed or smell. Brazilian cowhide rugs are manufactured using chromium tanning, mastered by Brazilian craftsmen. These Brazilian cowhide rugs last for decades are very soft and smooth, there is no hair shedding or strange smell.

Click to check out these tricolor cowhide rugs, these carry mix of brown, black and white, reddish chocolate brown, rustic and of course are favorite is this speckled cowhide.

Why Brazilian Cowhide Rugs?

Brazilian cowhide rugs have become highly sought after by designers because they are so soft and so supple. Brazilian craftsmen have also mastered the art of transforming the cowhide from looking traditional into looking extraordinary, using dyes and stitching the leather together. If you're looking for a cowhide rug for your home, check out the many different Brazilian cowhide rugs that are available to purchase from. They are the softest, most supple and enjoyable rugs that you can find on today's marketplace, especially if you purchase a genuine Brazilian cowhide rug.

Why choose Brazilian cowhide rugs from Decor Hut?

Our Brazilian cowhide rugs are the most excellent quality, hand picked and hand selected making these cow rugs unique. Our cow skin rugs are known to be uniform, soft with silky smooth fur. These large cowhide rugs have no stains or smell. Lastly, all our cowhides are professionally tanned by craftsmen with decades of experience and who know how to take care of these cowhides.

These real Brazilian cowhides are secondary products of the beef and dairy industry. These cows are in no way raised for cowhides are other leather products, not in Brazil. All our natural cowhide rugs are Hypoallergenic quality, making these rugs ideal around kids. Perfect Brazilian tanning makes these cowhide rugs shiny and silky with natural color and amazing design for an awesome rustic look. It creates one of its country charms to your interior, whether it is your office, condo, apartment, room, bedroom or even a bar. We also make sure that you receive the exact cowhide rug that you order.

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