Rattan Bags

All our rattan bags are free shipping all over Canada. 

On average at your doorsteps within two to five business days.

Real round rattan bags are handwoven in Bali. 

We carry the largest selection of round rattan bag Canada ranging from shell collection or braided to crossbody to wicker style. 

Like every summer all over Instagram and on most of the blogs you must have stumbled across the biggest trend of the season; wicker bag trend. There are so many cute and chic round rattan bag Bali this year! we carry one of the largest selections of the rattan purses, all are handwoven in the southwest of Bali. 

There are many different ways to call these bags wicker, straw, rattan bags but currently, they’re all talk of the town and the bag of the moment. You might have spotted these round rattan bags at Wasaga beach or blue mountains, It’s hard to find a look on Instagram or on your favourite bloggers’ site without seeing one round rattan bag Canada and with good reason. I guess once you get your first Bali rattan bag, you might need an intervention unless you live in sunshine coast. 

These rattan wicker bag trend started only a year or two ago and almost every blogger has one and at the very end, you see Toronto's famous blogger carrying of the Rattan bag. 

As these wicker rattan bags are handwoven and hand-designed each of these is unique and all the materials are individually selected. Even though each bag is one of its kind most of the round rattan bags are well priced compared to other bags. 

Free shipping worldwide, surprise your loved one with one of these rattan bags and we will mark it as a gift. 

I will also be adding some inspiration for round rattan bag outfit. 


If you would like to start with the basic summer purse you can go with this vintage rattan bag for sale, its discounted and its great to carry all your belongings.