Handwoven Rattan Bag Bali Half Moon Style Straw Shoulder Purse


Gorgeous handwoven rattan half moon bag

These rattan bags are handwoven by artists in the southwest of Bali using real and natural rattan and premium leather straps.

All our rattan hamper bags are free shipping and on average at your doorsteps within three to six business days.

These rattan bags are made from a natural material called Ata or rattan. One average these ata bag takes two to three to weeks to complete and we try to keep in stock as many as possible. Each rattan bag is smoked over coconut husk which gives it a shiny tan look. 

We mostly have these rattan baskets in stock but if it's not in stock or if it might take some extra time we will notify you via email. 

Any questions please feel free to let me know.