Types Of Cowhide rugs Styling From Natural To Metallic

There are so many reasons to purchase our natural cowhide rug. 

Our natural cowhide rugs come in many different shades, patterns and styles from light grey cowhides to salt pepper also called speckled cowhides to classical brown white to basic farmhouse or country style western black white cow rug. 

But why still a natural cowhide rug? 

Don't you get bored of seeing same rugs everywhere you step in from hotel to hallway to entryway, Our cowhides are natural, meaning these are the secondary product of dairy industry, so firstly we are eco-friendly and ethical. Being natural cowhide rugs each comes in a unique pattern and once a pattern is sold out it's not repeated, if you are browsing for a specific pattern of cowhides rug send me a message and I will find you one. 

Check out cowhide rugs in stock. 

Give a unique and luxury touch cowhides rug. 

Styling your house with a cowhides rug can take the look of your space to the next level, it will try truly give a luxury look and when nature meets modern or rustic meets cowhides rug, it becomes an exclusive space. 

Or check out out cowhide rug grey in stock. 

Quality of natural cowhides rugs and how to choose one. 

All our cowhide rug Hamilton is very soft and smooth, these are hundred percent genuine and real, hair is very very short, soft and velvety feel. You can also place this natural cowhides rugs on a carpet or rug, perfect for layering. A perfect touch of cosiness and warmth in this cold season. 







Love this cowhide rug grey if you been wanting a rug for years, but just couldn't find the right one, at Decorhut you will have flawless experience.


LOVE this cowhide rug, you will be extremely pleased with the way this cowhide rug in living room will come out, exactly what you are looking for!



metallic cowhide rug canada



One of its kind Cowhide rug in Toronto with free shipping, very soft and velvety feel.


Our shipping is amazing Ontario can have cowhide rug in living room the next day exactly as pictured and you will love the top quality cow hide.


The caramel browns black speckled or salt pepper cowhide rugs are beautiful and really bring a beautiful richness to the room, no need for underneath.


The whole process from is well executed, the cowhide rug Calgary itself is simply beautiful and exotic, you will be returning for more cowhides.

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