Ideas For Cowhide Rugs Featuring In Room Decor

The trap of low-quality cowhide rugs and how to buy genuine cowhides. 

Don't fall into a trap of buying a bargain low-quality cowhide rug thinking that every cowhide is the same. Today we will discuss how to buy the best cow skin rug and how to decorate it in your space with some inspirations my clients have sent and found on Instagram. 

There are many different quality types of genuine cowhides available in the market. With the cowhide, the quality is directly proportional to the price; the reason is the time and quality chemicals are used during the tanning process. Our cowhides rugs are premium Brazilian, these have a very lovely shiny natural coat, meaning it shines in the sunlight. Once you run your hands of the cow skin rug, you will feel the soft hair on coat that we mentioned above, it will be nice and glossy touch. 

Check out by clicking this link our beautiful soft grey cowhide rug.

The second main aspect to look for the shape of the cow hide, here you need to a hide rug which is evenly shaped and have the four legs intact and are almost the same size and shape. Not so good cowhide will have lots of visible holes and cuts, being a natural cowhide you will find some patches which should not be visible from the top surface. Cowhide rugs with branding are very natural and common, some people love them as it gives more of a western touch and some people avoid it. We carry cowhides with and without brandmarks. 

Cowhide Rug Canada

How to get curl out of cowhide rug is a big question. 

Curling is something faced by a lot of cheap cowhide rugs, it could be due to humid or sunlight or wetness but most likely it is due to bad quality tanning, it means the cow skin contains less oil and moisture in it. As mentioned earlier Brazilian cowhide rugs are the best quality cowhides, Our cow skin rugs lay very flat and even decades of use. If you would like to get rid of the curls, you can use iron on the backside (suede part) of the hide and most likely cowhide rug will flatten out right away. 

This is what people say about Decorhut customer service. I had the pleasure of meeting, Hani, today, when I purchased a cowhide rug. The service he provides is exceptional. I had a 2-hour drive, and he waited for me arriving without complaint and a smile on his face. The cowskin rug is an absolute, stunner, and really, beautiful. Quality. Thanks, Hani for an amazing purchase. I love the cow rug.

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