Halifax Cowhide Rug by DecorHut

One of its kind Halifax cowhide rug by DecorHut.

If you are wondering for Halifax cowhide rug, these hand-picked cowhides are perfect for any home decor. These short hair on hide on are very soft and smooth, you can use these to upholstery your love seats or add to your man cave. All our cowhide rug decor selected for unique and exotic patterns, these are wonders of nature. The natural cutting or shape can fill is an intriguing background for your fireplace. Lastly, these cowhide rugs are amazing for headboards, I will try to add some pictures of cowhide headboards we completed earlier. 


Grey and white cowhide for head boards   Brindle Cowhide Rug


You can click this link to view all cowhide rug and shipping is free all over Halifax and all other parts of Novascotia. These hides are also known as cowhide rug for upholstery, very easy to clean and maintain. You can vacuum these cowhides from time to time, these are chromium tanned mastered by Brazilian craftsman by year and years of experience. These cow rugs are so soft you can just take it out and shake it to get all the dust off. You can use these cowhide Halifax in any high traffic areas like the barbershop and it will hold its characteristics for decades.

Brazilian Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs are becoming part of the modern home, mostly for the living room or master bedrooms. These cowhides can help accent the other pieces of your furniture and bring the whole space together as a cohesive space. Depending on the patterns and shade, if you select a tricolour, these real cowhides can be a focal point of discussion or light grey cowhide rug, which is the plain natural pattern and can blend into the room. Once your guests walk on, the softness of hair will bring in a sense of joy and peace. In short, cowhide rug for layering is the finishing touch that changes a room from comfortable to truly inviting. Check out this rustic brindle cowhide rug, I love this kind of shade in a mancave.

Decorhut.ca is the best place to buy cow hide rugs, if you are looking for a mix of reddish brown with black and white tricolor cowhide rug shade, this one is gorgeous and will look beautiful in your western cottage or French country farmhouse. These cowhide rugs Halifax are hypoallergenic which makes these perfect for kids and pets. A lot of my clients make custom rugs by using these cowhides, I will try to share the pictures before. As mentioned earlier chromium tanning makes these cowhide stand up to high foot traffic and keep its real characteristics for decades to come. 

Cowhide area rugs area a gift from the nature that can last you for decades and can be used for many different functions. One of the reasons my clients love these cowhides are these are versatile and can be used for many different purposes from upholstery to draperies. These are very easy to fold and roll, and as discussed earlier these are wrinkle free, meaning when moving to a new house, just put this real cowhide rug in a box and use it for new house decor, as these never go out of trend. We also call these cowhide rug apartment therapy, as these are discussed in many different magazines. 

We have over hundreds of shades peau de vache in stock ranging from metallic cowhides to black and white cowhide rugs to zebra printed cowhide rug, all these are work of nature and pictures do no justice to the quality. As we work directly with tanneries, we can give provide you with the discounted cowhide rugs. If you are looking for any shade, small or large cowhide rug, please send me an email anytime. 

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