Edmonton cowhide rug

Hundreds of premium Edmonton cowhide rug in stock, choose from our dark grey cowhide rugs or light cow skin rugs.

We only carry cowhide rugs handpicked for unique and exotic patterns with free shipping all over Edmonton, Alberta.  

A cowhide rug can have a huge impact on the look of your space from your study to the rustic living room to the fireplace, it will add natural beauty. These cowhides as you know, come in many different sizes, shapes and patterns. All our Edmonton cowhide rug are handpicked and mostly free from scars and unnatural imperfections, some do have brand marks. There are many tips when choosing cowhide area rug. 

Cowhide rugs come from many different origins and the best ones so far are premium Brazilian cowhides, these are made from real skin and unbleached hair on. These Edmonton cowhide rugs are very soft and smooth to touch and feel, the hair are very short and do not shed and the back is finished to suede. I will share some spaces with our cowhide rugs and some I stumbled across Pinterest other pages.  

Sources to images is given on my instagram page. 

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