Extra Small Black Cowhide Rug 6ft x 5ft


This extra small cowhide rug in a solid black shade is vibrant and charming. 

Free shipping all over Canada. 

You will receive this black cowhide rug shown in the picture within one to four business days. 

The size of this stunning extra small cowhide rug is approx 72 X 60 inches. 

A very beautiful black grey cowhide rug with white edges. This authentic small cowhide is so beautiful it will go with most of the decor making it an exotic place, add it to a neutral living room or rustic style man cave, this piece of nature is one of its kind and very rare.

All these black cow hides are selected from hundreds of hides, hand-picked for the unique and exotic pattern.

Very soft and smooth trimmed hairs on, hundred percent natural and real, with back finished to suede leather.

This unique small cowhide rug grey will look beautiful on your floor, hanging on the wall or draped over your furniture.

Any questions please feel free to let me know.

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