Cowhide Rug Winnipeg

Cowhide Rug Winnipeg

Winnipeg cowhide rug in many different shades, patterns and sizes. All our cowhide rugs are genuine and natural. 

You receive the actual cowhide shown in the listings.

Free shipping all over Canada. 

Winnipeg Cowhide rugs used to be were mostly seen in country homes or in western decor, now these cowhides are the trend, one of the must-have in people checklist for their space. One of the main reasons these cow skin rugs have grown in popularity is the unique patterns, exotic shades, softy fur and velvety feel. Whether your preference is the monochromatic living room and subtle office or a bold dark bedroom, the options for Winnipeg cowhide rugs are endless.

Some ways you can use Winnipeg cowhide rugs. 

There are so many ways these Winnipeg cowhide rugs can be used. Our first option is grey cowhide rug or any lighter cowhides with dark teak flooring is a perfect combo to uplift the entire look of the space. Check out this of our client in Winnipeg shared this with us, a beautiful cowhide rug on darker flooring. The final impression is a beautiful contrast. It also works well the other way around if you use a dark-brown or black cowhide in the lighter room giving the room a popup look. 

Metallic cowhide rug Winnipeg for upholstery

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