Cowhide Rug Montreal

Cowhide Rug Montreal

If you are searching for cowhide rug Montreal, you have spotted the right place. All our rugs are hand-picked for exotic patterns. 

All our cowhides are free shipping all over Canada and you receive the exact hide rug shown in the picture.

These real cowhide rugs are the perfect solution for your high traffic room. The premium quality and ruggedness of these Brazilian cowhides make these last for decades and decades. There is no shedding or curling. If any spillage happens, just wipe clean with a cloth as needed and vacuum or shake out in open. These natural cowhides are chromium tanned and hypoallergenic and perfect for homes with kids and pets.

Check out cowhide rugs in stock.

If you are drawn to nature, minimalism or industrial style, you will love our cowhide rug decor in living room and other spaces. These cowhide rug Montreal are handpicked for exotic and one of its kind pattern. You may find cowhide rugs in stores but our rugs are premium Brazilian, never stepped on, comes with a beautiful sheen and you wont find these styles in the shops.

Our two favorites are black white cowhide rug in a barn or a rustic grey white cowhide rug in a farmhouse. These cowhides are also great with warehouse or industrial rustic interior. All our cowhide rugs are free shipping all over Montreal. Cowhide rugs are great for high traffic area, it can take a lot of beating like place it in your industrial kitchen. This styling dates long way back,  it was when old house or abandon warehouses turned in to new shops and people starting adding cowhides to give it a more natural touch rather than put a new shaggy rugs etc.

In the first living room cowhide rug looks great with on the carpet with rustic wooden table on the top, don't miss our the circular mirror which makes this room looks more spacious. This cowhide rug Montreal has mostly reddish brown with black stripes and then some white edges. All these cowhides are hundred percent natural and genuine. To add more charm the room, we added those lamps, which gave this living room with cowhide rug a vintage look.


Cowhide Rug Montreal

Cowhide rug for your cottage or rustic living room.

Large cowhide rug industrial loft in Montreal

Cowhide rug in rustic brown grey white in modern mancave

Cowhide rug grey

One of its kind speckled cowhide rug Brazilian with free shipping Montreal

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