Cowhide Rug Calgary

Cowhide Rug Calgary

Cowhide rug Calgary hundreds of new shades and patterns in stock, looking for a cowhide not found on the website, send me a message and I will find you one. 

All our cowhide rug is free shipping Canada wide and on average reaches you doorstep within one to four days. 

Good evening, so much happening today. One of my clients just shared this beautiful cowhide rug in living room with us. Our Brindle cowhide looks beautiful with this table for two, there is so much that can be done with the cowhide rug Calgary. You can mix it with sheepskins, grey cowhide with white sheepskin rugs would be gorgeous. I will attach a few ideas later. 

These Brazilian cowhide rugs come in many different shades and patterns, from grey and white cowhide rug to black cowhide to metallic cowhides. I have over one hundred and fifty shades of real cowhide rugs in stock. These cowhide rug Alberta are sourced from Brazil, chromium tanned, very soft and natural. If you are looking for any particular pattern or color, please send me an email. 

All these Calgary cowhide rugs are natural and genuine, no two cowhides exactly the same which makes your living room one of its kind, these Brazilian cowhides are great for high traffic areas like your Canadian cottage or barbershop. In the picture below we delivered these two beautiful hide rugs, first is gorgeous cowhide rug grey with white striping and second is pure tan brindle cow hide. Brazilian cowhide rugs are very easy to clean and maintain, you can vacuum it time to time or just take it out and shake it in open. 

Now I will be sharing some idea about layered cowhide rug. 

A lot of my clients in Alberta wonder if there is any need to put anything underneath these Calgary cowhide rug, no there is no need for anti-slip or anything similar. These are hundred percent natural raw hide and back is finished to suede. In next few pictures, I will share some layered cowhide rugs in the living room and entryway. One of the most stunning ways to cosy up a room is to add Brazilian cowhide rugs weather on a hand-knotted carpet or hardwood floors or in front of your fireplace, if done right it will pull up your space together in a unique way.   

A mix of black brown and white also know as tricolor cowhide rug layered with contrast to rustic furniture will further make your space look more inviting. 

Second option; a natural white cowhide rug layered with the striped rug will also look stunning.

Third option; a pure black cowhide rug will warm up your rustic guesthouse 

Option with regards to Calgary cowhide rugs are limitless, we have hundred of new shades in stock from speckled to classical cowhide rug black white to pure white to solid black. We also do custom orders and if you are looking for a pattern you cant find on my website, send me an email and I will source you one. 

Free shipping all over Alberta. 

Thank you very much. 


Check out all the large cowhide rugs in stock.

Our second cowhide rug Canada in speckled pattern was selected by Crave interiors in Alberta, you can follow them here. This link

Our gorgeous Silver metallic cowhide rug was selected by Grey birch Designs in USA greybirchdesigns

Every well dressed home like greybirchdesigns needs a cowhide rug with metallic, a extra modern to your space and provide the warmth to your decor

Speckled cowhide rug in our Canada location perfect for any modern living room from the most minimalist to rustic spaces and free shipping used by craveinteriors

A cowhide rug grey white black is just as class as the home features, from wooden floor to fireplace decor and windows gives this a modern feel.

The big pro of the devore metallic cowhide rug is the quality, these cowhides are very easy to clean and maintain, blends and mixes with any Canadian decor

Our latest 2020 grey and silver metallic cowhide rug

We have similar large cowhide silver rug in stock metallic acid washed on pure white raw cow hide rugs Brazilian free ship Canada

Top quality white metallic cowhide rug for your living room all over Alberta Canada

These silver cowhide rug real are ethical free shipping Canada

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