Vancouver Cowhide Rug

Vancouver cowhide rug genuine, authentic, real and hundreds of new natural shades, you receive the actual large cowhide rug shown with free shipping.

At your doorsteps within one to four days.

We have to accept that winters is here and its time to cozy up, we all will be sitting in front of fireplace and Vancouver cowhide rug is perfect addition to your space. If you are like us and you have this thing with rug and wondering is layering cowhide rugs in style? I will add some cowhide rug on top of jute rug or carpet. The best part about these genuine cowhide rugs is the irregular and natural patterns, you can just throw these cowhides anywhere in any angel. There are hundred of ways to style cowhide rug in your space, I will try to share some cowhide inspiration shortly.

Special cow hide rugs canada real, natural and authentic

Check out our stunning black and white cow skin rug,

This spotted rug looks gorgeous with a light wooden floor and wall art in the background. All our cow skin rugs come with finished backing, the natural leather is finished to suede and there is no need to put anything underneath, a lot of my clients use cowhide rug on jute rug and loves the soft feeling. If one of the rugs in layering cow skin is neutral we would suggest a busy grey white tone or may a darker brindle black brown.

Free shipping all over Vancouver this cowhide rug is speckled grey is top choice of our designers.