Large black Sheep fur Rug

Free shipping all over Canada and USA.:

One of its kind natural black sheepskin rug.

Free shipping all over Canada and the USA.

Size of this rug is approx 5ft by 2ft, two large black Icelandic are stitched together. 

These black sheepskin rugs are made from hundred percent real and natural Icelandic sheep fur, very soft, smooth and supple. The back is finished non-slip suede, take one step and you will fall in love with the sheep fur rug. These heniune wool sheepskin rugs are perfect for seat covers or draped over any furniture dramatically soften the feel and add an ornate appearance. 

These sheep fur rugs are natural and therapeutic naturally, these are perfect for pain relief to hypo-allergenic to bacteria repellent, natural Icelandic sheep fur rug will enhance the health and wellbeing of people from any age range.

These two stitched or two pelt black lambskin rugs are approx 5ft in length and 2ft in width. These are made from real and natural fur from NewZealand and the pile comes with almost 2-inch thickness. 

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