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One of its kind Hand Tufted Rugs And Carpets.

Any questions regarding these hand tufted carpets email me at hani@deochut.ca

Most of our hand-tufted rugs are made to order, and it takes 45 to 60 days from selecting the threads and yarn to final finishing. You can send us your requirements, samples and pictures for the custom quote and I will reply you right away.  

Delhi's India's capital at the moment we are here near the parliament which British built and India took over after the partition in 1947. If you go in the countryside towards the holy city of Varanasi and a little further up, you find Bhadohi where these hand tufted carpets are made. It is the process we will be taking a look at. As soon as your order is placed, you will be talking to our Jaish, master of our hand-tufted rugs, he is the third generation carpet producer and lives nearby.

All the things starting from the wool to up to finished hand tufted carpet takes approx six different processes. There are about a hundred and fifty thousand people in the surrounding 20 to 30 km of Bhadohi and most of them are directly involved in these custom hand tufted rugs.
The first step in making these hand tufted carpets is selecting the wool, it is imported from New Zealand, as its shiner, smoother and softer compared to any other wool. Then you add this wool into a dying pot, steam comes up from the larger steamer used to heat the dye which is constant strutted by hand to achieve constant colour throughout. After this we mostly hand dye the wool on the rooftops of our dying shops, dried under the sun. Sun is very important for the dying carpets, as it gives luster new ounce to the colour, this is the initial drying. The second drying process comes later, after the carpet has been cut and washed, this is also done under the sun so the cut piles receive its required luster. We have pattern designers, who transform your pictures and samples to large graph sheets, here all the knots are drawn up so the weavers exactly know which colours each knot should have. We work on three different designs, one comes from traditional Indian designs, copies of antique Persian designs and you custom modern designs from Canada and the USA. 

Then we move to the very core of hand tufted carpets, this is when these rugs are made. Carpet weavers receive the graphical chart that is completed by our designer, a wall of thread is made which is the basis of the carpet and a steel rod is a present right in the front where weaving is done, the yarn is taken, and weaved around this wall and rod is slowly knocked down and the better and the more knocks, the tighter the hand knotted rugs are. After this, the edges are trimmed. There are approximately a thousand knots per square meter, and it takes ten days to weave a square meter by an experienced weaver. It takes generations of experience to weave these hand tufted rugs and carpets. If a carpet is a large one, typically several people work together, you will be truly amazed at our finished hand tufted carpets. 
The next step is polishing, here carpet pile is trimmed evenly. the colours become clear and the pattern becomes sharp, earlier in the days a pair of scissors was used to polish. A small mistake in polishing can destroy hundreds of hours of work. 


The next process in these hand knotted rugs is laundry, where all the residual from hand is burnt off,  from the back side and then the carpet is cleaned and rinsed constantly. After this hand tufted carpets are bleached, in order to set the colours. After this, a solution of mix herbs that comes from the mountains are spread around the surface and the carpet is rolled up, so that the herbs can enhance the colours, and then the following day, carpet is rolled out again, thoroughly washed, dried and then washed again. After that the carpet is dried, it takes a few days for this process. Later we use a hand tool also known as a comb, which is used to soften the edges of the hand tufted carpet. After the cleaning is done, carpet is sun-dried again for one extra day, the second time the yarn is dried, which gives a deeper and clearer colour. 

The final step of manufacturing a carpet is finishing, all the unevenness in threads is trimmed from the hand tufted carpets and then the carpet is rolled for shipping to you.

Any questions please feel free to send me an email at hani@decorhut.ca

Call or text at 416 822 2264. 








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