Grey Cowhide Rugs

These grey cowhide rugs are selected for unique and exotic patterns from light spotted to dark brindle.

You receive the actual exact cowhide shown. 

Free shipping all over Canada.

On average at your doorsteps within one to four business days.

All cowhide rugs are genuine, natural and real. 

All grey cowhide rug comes with one of the most unique and exotic patterns, ranging from brindle to light. The softness and shines of these cow skin rugs jump off the floor and captures the eye. Check out the awesome reviews.  

A lot of my clients also inquires if these large cowhide rugs are okay for upholstery? Yes, these cowhides are perfect for all kinds of upholstery and drapery. The top of the cow hide is natural and real, the hair is short, soft and smooth with velvety feeling and back is finished to suede. 

These Brazilian cowhide rugs are very easy to clean and maintain, there is no hair shedding or any strange smell. On average under high traffic like entryway or hallway, these light cowhides last easily a decade or more. 

Click To Check out this gorgeous brindle cowhide rug. 

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Thank you very much.