One of its kind four shades in a cowhide rug.

One of its kind four shades in a cowhide rug.

2019 Apr 12th

A lot of people have recently inquired about the cowhide rug living room, Our Brazilian hide rugs are one of its kind, these area rugs can add a huge impact to any space. We carry from brown and white to exotic tricolour. We have over a hundred shades in stock. 

These cowhides are real and natural which makes it stain resistant and wrinkle-free. Being a natural product these hides sometimes have brand marks and scars. 

You might wonder cowhide rug in modern living room, yes these cowhides are perfect for high traffic area, the top is natural hair, short, soft and smooth, back finished to suede. You can also use cowhide rugs for layering and it works magic. 

We ship free all over Canada and the USA. 

Thank you. 


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