Brazilian Burgundy Cowhide Rug Dyed 85 X 71 Inches 1831

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Genuine dyed burgundy cowhide rug:
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Exotic dyed burgundy cowhide rug a very deep reddish-brown. 

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Size of this dyed cowhide rug is approx 85 X 71 Inches

This exotic burgundy cowhide rug is dyed, hundred percent genuine, very soft and smooth. All these hides are handpicked for the unique and exotic pattern. Pictures do no justice to the real feel of these cowhides.

All our cowhide carpets come from European breeds, raised and chromium tanned in Brazil, giving each cow hide rug a unique and very exotic look. These cow rugs are very easy to maintain. Light vacuuming can be done from time to time, or just take this beautiful cowhide outside and shake it well. If some kind liquid like wine spills on it, wiping it with wet cloth and blow drying it works wonder.

These hair on cow hides are ethical and in no way, there is any harm done to any animal, all these cow rugs are inspected by Customs and PETA.

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1 Review

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    love my new cowhide

    Posted by Angi on 2020 Jan 27th

    Love love love my new cowhide!!! Beautiful deep rich burgundy...well, maybe plum color. Darker shade than the rest of the burgundy pieces in the room...but absolutely beautiful. Its addition definitely makes enough of a statement to have me change everything else to blend better with it! It just took full control of the room! Powerful presence it has in my it! Strangely enough my puppy does not want to walk on it!! And he is always full of energy...happy to get into every new purchase...but he is a bit apprehensive for this one...refuses to come to me while I am on it! He'll get used to it I guess. Thank you soooo much. Shipping was actually really quick. Again, I am super pleased...hesitant purchase...but pleasantly surprised. The pic available does not do this piece justice. Happy customer here!!!